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Oh My! Mondays

Monday, September 1, 2014

Well, it's Monday, Labor Day. Did I mention it's Monday? Monday kind of sucks around here. For me, it means that I am back to being home alone with my drool hounds, Tara and Audrey.

Let's recap the weekend, shall we? I spent Saturday "trying" to relax with my family and of course, ended up doing a bunch of work for Fab Flares by Audrey's Mom and cleaning my house. Which was ridiculous because I did a bunch of it on Friday! Why can't my house just stay clean for 24 hours? Oh yea, because I live with 3 "things" that are great mess makers. Why are they great mess makers? Because as Jake likes to say, they live with a Domesticated American (their own personal maid).

Our lawn is becoming the new mini jungle for the neighborhood cats because our lawn mower is still broken. They prowl through out it and chase the grasshoppers. It's entertaining to watch until they spray on my fence or use my porch as their toilet.

Jake chiseled away at our freezer because it has decided it want's to be a self defrosting freezer and leaks out the bottom while making an iceberg out of the bottom drawer. At least he made some kick butt burgers for dinner after that.

Audrey threw some AWESOME fits. Today marks one week since she made me lose it and ban the pacifiers cold turkey. She hasn't asked for a pacifier yet but it is taking her longer to fall asleep now and she is waking up early. Por Madre no Bueno. Lack of sleep makes for a crabby bug. Although, it has gotten me to get up and actually eat breakfast and go on long walks. Guess I should try and be healthy with all the booze I drink.

Lucky for me, Jake and I got to have some beers and watch a couple episodes of BOARDWALK EMPIRE!!! Love it!

Sunday... Oh Sunday funday. Because we attended mass Saturday evening, I was extremely looking forward to sleeping in. Did I get to? Of course not. Because my body is on an old lady internal clock and I had to wake up at 6am. Audrey got up at 7, we did breakfast and a nice long walk around our historic neighborhood park. Came home, chilled, mommy worked while Audrey napped and then came the yard work.

Why do we have a garden? Because I guess it's what healthy people do? Who are these healthy people that supposedly live in our house? We (I) cleaned/weeded the garden and looked at my massive amount of huge onions. Holy cow, I am so excited to cook with them.

Dinner with my loves is... Gumbo! Yum. And yes, I had some wine after.

Now I have to do some (ridiculous amount) laundry and get some groceries so my monsters can eat this week and I can drink some beer.

Cheers to you,

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  1. Mondays aren't exactly my favorite days either. The husband goes back to work and the big kids go back to school. I don't mind being with my 2 youngest babies but it can get hard trying to keep them entertained while being their own personal maid LOL

    1. There are days we question ourselves and why we chose this life but it's the moments when you get a kiss or hug that make it all worth it.


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