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Toddler Tuesday: Handling Life's Boo Boo's

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Me: "Audrey, come here, you need to get clean panties on!"
Audrey: Running around her table and giggling... Slams face into corner of chair and starts screaming.
Meemaw: Grabs screaming child and tries to console her and sees a cut eye, bleeding.
Me: Stomach sinks to butt and trying to not cry or scream because I feel so bad for my baby.

Well, that happened Saturday morning. She did cut next to her eye pretty good and it did open up. I didn't take her to the emergency room because they would have done exactly what I would have done only they would have sedated her. Got some dermaglue and steri-strips. Work amazingly. I have a feeling that this will not be the last time she needs them either. My poor child is so clumsy. She can't just turn around, no she has to swing way out. She runs like she's driving a giant pickup truck. Guess she is a redneck. For as long as I can remember, I have been extremely clumsy. I can't even count the exact number of times I have ran into something and knocked myself out. Is that a bad thing? I am an accident prone person and it looks like Audrey inherited that from mama. Since she was born, I have done really well to not gasp or freak out when something happens. Well at least not in front of her. Every one gasps though when they see a kid about to get hurt. My mom and dad would make me get back up and do it again if I got hurt. Well, not run into pillars again but you know what I mean. I make Audrey get up, brush it off and move on. Not so much this time. All I kept saying was, "She needs stitches, that's really bad. I can't believe this happened to my poor baby." Once I was home with Jake, he and I talked and she took a nap and calmed down. After that I realized, this kid is fine. She is so dang tough.

I got a funny text about it from my friend, she said, "There will be plenty of Urgent Care visits to come with her." Oh I don't doubt that. She's going to be doing karate like dada or swinging around a tree branch and knock the wind out of herself like mom. Every time she gets hurt, I will worry. Whether she is scraping her knee on the sidewalk or getting rejected by some loser boy, I will be hurt with her and worry. I will hold her hand and show her how to be strong each time.

Audrey was really strong for mama last week. Found out my grandfather passed away. I never had a relationship with the man, other than he sent me some pretty wonderful gifts on occasion and he was the man who conceived my father. Yet, I ended up breaking down about an hour after getting the news. I sat down in Jake's lap and cried. Audrey came in and saw her mama was upset, so she began rubbing my leg and giving me kisses. She kept saying, "Awe mama." I hated that my tiny toddler felt like she needed to be the tough one for her mama. It helped me though.

As children, we know how to handle life's boo boo's but somehow we forget that along the way. It's really amazing how our children can teach us these lessons again. Just watch your child on the playground and next time they fall, wait a second, see what they do. Do they get up and keep going ? They most likely will if it's not serious and you stay calm. Like my mom said after Audrey was hurt, she was taking her cues from me and I needed to be strong for her.
I'm going to keep enjoying taking care of her while I can, because like all of our parent's know, it goes by too fast and they know longer need us to kiss their boo boo's.

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