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Toddler Tuesday

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I have a toddler, a wild, messy, loud, crazy, sometimes makes me pull my hair out toddler. She is so smart. Too smart already for her mama to deal with at times. Although it balances out because I have never met a more affectionate child.

This is my first Toddler Tuesday and I will be covering things that are, you guessed it, toddler related. From the trying to not trip over there own feet, tantrums, learning new skills and dealing with strangers. I will also show all of the activities/crafts that Audrey does with me. It's in her genes.

Yesterday has been a week since we ditched the pacifier cold turkey. Audrey made her mama snap. It was her lunch time and she wanted her pacifier instead of eating the pb&j she just helped me make. Oh can that girl throw a fit when she wants to. It was insane. I love my daughter more than life itself but she can really make me crazy. I took the pacifier and put it out of sight while she yelled at me for 20 minutes from her highchair. Still throwing a fit when dad got home from work. That's when I decided I was tired of it. She turned 17 months old that day and it was time to ditch the pacifier.

Going to bed was fine other than it took her longer to fall asleep than normal. Which it has been that way every night since. Oh and she likes to wake up early. We used that pacifier so much. She wined, popped that bad boy in. It was a great plug.

So here is the tradeoff, she isn't asking for it and is sleeping fine with out it but oh wow is she having the biggest tantrums. Audrey has learned the art of lying on the ground and flopping like a fish out of water. Mama don't play that game kid.

I believe in defusing a situation before it gets any worse, whether with work, family, life, kids, defuse it!  How do I deal with these tantrums you ask?  Wine, beer, deep breathing. But really, deep breathing helps me so much. Always has. It's crazy because I am a very impatient person until it comes to kids. Then I can be so relaxed and understanding. It's always easier to deal with someone else's kid than your own. But when Audrey throws a fit, I first try and figure out why she is upset? Is it because she got knocked over by the dog again? Hungry? We didn't make it to the big girl potty in time? Figure out why and how to fix it. It may take extra time to fix it but I will do what it takes because I obviously don't want my child upset but I refuse to give in and let her have what she wants.

Audrey now waves her little index finger and says, "No, no, no." She gets told that something is a no and she looks at that and tells it no. I am glad. I tell her to sit in her chair for a minute time out and then I will get her up and she sits. She may cry the entire time but she sits. I made sure to let me kid know, I am the boss lady. Audrey may not always like what I have to say but she sure as hell respects what I tell her.

Here's to the toddlers and the crows feet and wrinkles they cause,



  1. I don't have kids but I've seen so many people taking about this the last month. Who knew it was such a difficult thing? Have you considered trying essential oils? There is a "grouchy pants" blend I keep meaning to try on myself-lol! Sipping over from the Merlot Twin tribe. -Cajun

    1. Oh man, Cajun. We need the oils for sleeping. At her baptism she had oils on her head and passed out ten minutes later and slept through it.

  2. OMG I recently got rid of my daughters paci (they are the same age!!) I did a post about it, mine was pretty easy... but she does still get it at night! (I know, I am a sucker!)

    1. For a few weeks we did that. Then I snapped and took it away about a week early.

  3. Oh I do not miss those days. We finally had the paci-fairy come and take them to a baby that didn't have any and left a stuffed animal for him. Bunny the bear still sleeps with him now 2 years later and has been a much better comfort item then a paci.

    1. I was looking at easy ways to let go of it and am actually thankful I didn't. I think it was harder on me to get rid of it. She already had a stuffed dog she slept with and boy, did he get an earful of her anger.


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