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Last Minute Costume Ideas

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween is only a few days away. Kids will be dressed up in adorable little costumes and waddling up to our doors. Remember though, some kids may have motor issues still or speech impediments or maybe they are just terribly shy. Be kind and patient to each one. You never know their background.

Alright, on to the real issue here. When I was pregnant, my mother in law bought Audrey a cute little Minnie Mouse costume. I was going to use it this year for her costume because I was sure it was size 18 month. I went and get it out of the tub and instant hand to face. It is 6-12 month. So now I am scrambling to find an outfit to put her in.

I decided to call upon my blogging tribe for help. Lisa of said to throw on cat ears and put her in clothes and jeans to match. Genius and super frugal. Ashley of suggested dressing her up like a gangsta baby with a bandana, simple and hilarious.

It all got me thinking about last minute ideas. I was seeing posts about kids who have already outgrown their costumes and now parents are struggling. So I came up with some ideas to help you.

Audrey has a Wonder Woman onesie and her skirt from the 4th of July, I could get her a gold crown and make simple gold cuffs and tada, she becomes Wonder Woman. We also have this adorable headband with a little witch hat on it. I could whip up a tutu and throw on a shirt and she could be the cutest little witch.

My friend was fortunate enough to find a Sully and pink poodle costume for her kids and got them for only $4 each. She was at Spokane Liquidations and they were $19.99 but they also had 80% off coupons she used. What!? Crazy! She's excited because they will be fun for dress up later.

If you're a sports fan, then why not dress them up like one too? Hockey players, football cheerleader or even a little baseball player.

There are so many ideas you can do. will be an amazing site! What did you dress up your little munchkin as?


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