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Let your fears help you!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fear, we all feel it. Some have serious phobias, others are silly. Me, I am scared of dolls, clowns, heights, flying and any body of water bigger than a pool.

But that's not all I'm scared of. I'm also scared of failure. Aren't most of us scared of that? Why? What is it that is so scary? Nothing honestly. Why? Because you can always change the course yourself! Sometimes failure can be a good thing. Fail at a relationship? Good, learn from it, maybe it wasn't a healthy one in the first place. Lose your job? You can always find another job if you look.

I was so scared to start my blog back up after it failed. Luckily, I had a group of amazing women who pushed me back into the saddle and made me try again. Now it is booming with readers. When I started Fab Flares by Audrey's Mom I stressed out about never making a sale. I began selling at a farmer's market and didn't make anything. I was mad that I failed. After licking my wounds, I started doing some research. I found new ways to market myself. Tweaked my products and added new stuff. It has been 2 months since that happened. Sales are great. I have been getting custom orders and been busy.

I channeled my fears and used them for success. I made them work for me. This is advice you can use in everyday life. Channel fears of parenting and use them for good. Become super parent instead of scared parent.

Stay strong and laugh in the face of fear!


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