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DIY Dresse to Vanity Conversion post from Cajun at Blooming In Bedlam

Friday, September 5, 2014

I feel very blessed to be able to share this post with you. Cajun over at Blooming in Bedlam took an old dresser and flipped it into a Vanity. She did an amazing job. Think I can get her to do one for me?
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Her blog is healthier living without sacrificing convenience. Topics include homemade beauty products, essential oils, diy/repurposing projects and food with healthier ingredient substitutes. After you read how she did this, go over and check her out Blooming in Bedlam. She has so many great DIY projects and lots of other fun goodies. Make sure you go over and check out the full story on how this dresser became such an amazing vanity.


DIY Dresser to Vanity Conversion

Dresser to Vanity Conversion
Dresser to Vanity Conversion
I love a good furniture refurbish. It is always a good thing to repurpose something to better use. This maybe isn’t the most convenient project you could take on because it does require some power tool and construction experience. Consequently, it scores a bit low in the the Bedlam department, but the results are so wonderful I had to share it.
Last Thanksgiving (before the blog was born) I was enjoying some brainstorming with my sister-in-law. Being a mom of three, she was stumped at what to get her youngest teenage daughter for Christmas. She mentioned wanting to get or make a vanity to help free up the bathroom. We girls do love to groom. I mentioned my friend, Brandie over at Fresh Furniture, who always has interesting pieces just waiting to be customized or refreshed. She didn’t happen to have any vanities, but she did have a little dresser needing some love. It seemed perfect for some awesome diy pinterest customizations I had been wanting to try. Normally, I would wait for Fresh Furniture to find the perfect little piece (because she has amazing taste and is ALWAYS my #1 source for unique furniture finds), but the Christmas Clock was ticking. Thus, the DIY Dresser to Vanity Conversion was born!
Here is what we started with. Really sweet, right? But not exactly a vanity. I needed to make this primp-perfect stat!
dresser original
Paint Collage.png
Let’s look back at her evolution before the final reveal.
I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I very much wanted to keep this little gem when she was all finished. Who wouldn’t?
See the appliances all tucked away below?
20131225_123916And the little brush holder all in use? All her stuff is still so accessible, but tucked away and organized. I need to sneak into their house and steal this lady back!
20131225_123924VANITY LOVE!

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