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Toddler Tuesday: Daily Schedule

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

 As parents, we all want the best for our children. Who wouldn't? We work hard to make sure they have the best things in life. We send them to school to learn and to prepare them for the real world. Routine is something great for kids. But is there something we can be doing at home with them? I think the answer is always going to be YES! While I was extremely annoyed at times with my mom for making me do my homework or study, I'm glad she did.

When I was a little me, my mother dearest would teach me things in a fun way. She didn't want to see the monster come out I guess. One of the coolest ways I remember was how she taught me to read a clock. Oh man, did I think I was one bad mammajamma kid because none of the other kids in my class could read time yet. Every night before bed, after teeth brushing and pj's, my mom would come to my room and pull out my Crayola clock and the whiteboard. She would write a time on the board, 3:12, then I would have to turn the dial on my clock to the correct time. I'm a kinesthetic learner, which means I have to do it myself for me to comprehend it and retain it. As I got older, my mom made sure to keep a routine in my life. Get up, eat breakfast, got to school, come home, do homework, dinner, then some family time depending on the night of the week. It helped me to stay focused.

I got a request from a friend of mine. She has two little ones. Her oldest is a 3 year old boy and when I say boy, he is all boy. So full of life and wonder. Very curious. He loves to ask "Why?" So she decided it was time for him to see a daily routine and help him to prepare for school. I think this is a great idea and was so excited to make up a daily schedule for him. Below is the preview of his schedule. Please feel free to take ideas from it. I am hoping to get a downloadable version that can be easily altered for other families.




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