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Tutu's and wine glasses and hair bows? I got this! Oh wait, where's Audrey?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pretty excited over here. *Does happy dance* Why am I so excited you ask? Well, I will gladly tell you. Got an email last weekend inviting me to go to a craft walk!!! Whoohoo. Ok, now you're asking what a craft walk is. It's a smaller version of a craft show. This one will be held at a local farmers market (luckily 4 blocks from my house). I'm really exhausted though already. Trying to get a ton of new product made up. Honestly though, I may complain but I'm really lucky to be doing something I love.

Audrey is such a big "help" when I'm working. Just like any other child. One of the biggest questions I get when talking about being a wahm is, how do you do your crafts with Audrey around? Oh man, how do I do it? I'm still shocked but really, there are times that I don't get anything done. Sometimes she is trying to crawl up into my lap while I'm sewing or she's trying to get the scissors for a mad dash. Sitting at the table with her and giving her goldfish helps. I don't believe in bribing with sweets but oh I have no shame in goldfish cracker bribery. When I have a big project to do that I know I just can't get done when she's around I will wait until she's in bed. Then usually Jake will cuddle with her and put her to bed for me. If you need to get anything done with a child running around then your best bet is distractions. Whether it be food, toys, another kid or even your partner. Find the best distraction that will last the longest.

Now no one can judge me for this because we are all there at one point or another but we've all said, "Where's the kid?" I can't tell you how many times Jake and I ask each other that. This is why they invented baby gates. Either she's pulling out her pajamas and trying to put them on or she's on the dog bed rolling around. I really should remember to put the gates up more often but hey, we all get distracted by our kids. As Audrey gets older, I've really been fortunate to have her want to help mama work. I set out supplies and arrange them in ways she can get them for me. I love how excited she gets when she brings me something. It's not child labor when she takes a million breaks in an hour long shift. Audrey is my muse, model, employee, receptionist and product tester. She's my go to girl until bed time. Then Tara takes over the job. When I have to work in the garage, hooch comes out and is my body guard. She loves when I work outside, because it usually means that she's going to get to play fetch or get some treats. She isn't too fond of when I test out product on her. I really should start making her something that she'd enjoy testing... I am thinking she's asking for a batch of homemade treats and knows that I'm writing about her. Thanks dog, I have a huge slobber gob on my pajama bottoms now.

I was asked recently, "If you could give any wahm your best advice, what would it be?" This will always be my answer: Remember why you are doing this. When it gets hard and you want to give up, remember why you are doing this. Did you start this to be home with your family? Is your business goal to help earn extra income for your family? Does your family need a new vehicle? There can be a great deal of different reasons but remember why you are doing this. Write it down and post it in your work space, on your mirror or even the banner on your phone's lock screen.

Last but not least, put up the baby gates. I can hear Audrey playing with Tara's dog tags and Tara is groaning because she's trying to take a nap. If you can keep your kid alive every day, then you can become a wahm. Just find what is the best fit for you, get ready, jump!

You can do it mama!


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